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Our reason for being in business is for the ultimate comfort for you and your family. Home air conditioning is what we do. Air conditioning is our business, and we focus to bring climate controlled comfort to you. As a specialist Brisbane Daikin air conditioning dealer, we will devote time and effort to ensure you choose the right home air conditioner unit for your individual needs.

It is critical that your home air conditioner is of the right size. If it is too small for the area, your comfort will suffer, and the cost of running it will be high. And if it is too big for the area, your air conditioning system will short cycle; your comfort will suffer, and your energy bills will be high. When it comes to air conditioning sales, we are trained, and have the experience to recommend the right sized home air conditioning unit for you. With the peace of mind of having the right air conditioner, you will also receive a very competitive price to cover the installation of your air conditioner.

Our air conditioning brand of choice is Daikin. Why do you ask? It's simple. We have found the Daikin air conditioning systems the most reliable. Air conditioning is there specialty, and this is reflected in their level of quality, support, and long lasting performance. 

Your Home should feel as Natural as the Air that you Breath

Since 1990, we have been committed to providing the best air conditioning technology available. Your home should feel natural at all times, and this is why finding the right air conditioning system for your home is crucial. With more entertaining being done at home, you want our family & friends to be comfortable, and to enjoy your living space. This is why Daikin is the best in our opinion. The air feels natural, and the start of art Daikin technology means that you can trust the system be dependable, from the hottest of summers, through to the coolest of winters.

About Excel Air-con Residential Central Air Conditioning Services, Brisbane

Our Residential Central Air Conditioning services in Brisbane provide systems that will meet the interior climate needs of your place. Split and ducted air conditioning systems by Daikin are more comfortable, less noisy, and more suitable for you than the other types of air con systems in the market.  

Brisbane’s Excel Air-con Residential Central Air Conditioning Services provides you with excellent working & energy-efficient systems. Daikin technology provides high standard products and along with that, it also looks after the environmental perspectives.

Daikin ducted air conditioners in BrisbaneWe will select and install the right Home Air Conditioning System sparfor you

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