Tips On Choosing The Right Size And Type Of Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have an unsurpassable way of beating the scorching heat in summer, which becomes all more important that you choose an air conditioner whose capacity is just right to get the best cooling for your room at a reasonable price. Air conditioners come in handy in making the hot summer days bearable, improving the indoor air quality significantly, because they are useful in discarding old pollen, dust and other allergens. Studies have shown that the efficiency of human beings is at its optimum level when the conditions in their external environment are favorable and comfortable.

Most of us buy an air conditioner that is too large, assuming it will facilitate us better and cool instantly. Practically, an oversized air conditioner turns out to be less effective and proves taxing on your pockets in terms of the capital cost of the unit, as well as the monthly energy bills. It works well to have a word with your HAVC contractor while planning on purchasing a new air conditioning system for your home. There is a list of reasons as to why you need to have the right sized air conditioner in your home.


You may possibly be wondering why it is important to buy the right sized air conditioner for your home. Air conditioners are believed to eliminate heat and humidity from the air. If the unit is too large it will cool the room quickly, but remove humidity, which leaves the room with a damp feeling. A right sized air conditioner will eliminate humidity effectively as it cools the room slowly, and if you end up purchasing an air conditioner with a lower than required capacity, it tends to consume a lot more energy to necessitate required cooling. Lower capacity units will save you on your capital cost but will expand the electricity consumption and also reduce the life span of the unit. Your room size governs your ac capacity. Follow the chart below to determine the A/C power one needs for a room

Room size

Required AC Size

0 to 80 Sq Ft

0.75 ton

80 to 120 Sq Ft

1 ton

120 to 190 Sq Ft

1.5 ton

190 to 300 Sq Ft

2 ton

Obviously, a room’s environment doesn’t depend just on square footage. If a room is exposed to excessive sunlight, it is important to extend the air conditioner capacity by about 10% and decrease the capacity by 10% for a shady room. If there are more than 2 people in a room it will be a good idea to add about 600 BTUs per extra person. While considering an A/C unit for a kitchen, keep in mind that your ovens and gas stoves emit a lot of heat which your air conditioner is expected to recompense. Therefore it is necessary to add 4,000 BTUs for the unit you install in your kitchen.


High energy efficient five star rated air conditioners incorporate value added features based on health and climatic conditions and customer needs. New age air conditioners come with innovative features like humidity control, air purification and an added feature that repels mosquitoes.

  • With increasing electricity bills, an energy efficient model of an air conditioner is a must buy. Air conditioners are attested with star rated energy efficiency ratings, standardized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Hence units with more stars are bound to consume less energy.
  • Price is another important factor, more features and star ratings interpret a higher unit price. An inverter air conditioner is about 20% more expensive than a 5-star rated air conditioner.
  • Choosing between a window AC and a split AC is another decision to consider while planning for an AC purchase. Although window ACs are easy to install split ACs make relatively less noise, are aesthetically pleasing and furnish better air distribution when compared to window air conditioners.
  • Considering air conditioners with good air filters is very important while installing an AC unit at home to enhance the quality of air indoors. A good filter ensures cleaner air, efficient energy utilization, and also improves cooling capacity by avoiding crippling of the evaporator coil due to dust.
  • You should choose an air conditioner brand which satiates your needs to the maximum, saves energy through EER, one which offers the best cooling performance and a good after-sales service. The air conditioner must facilitate faster cooling in summer and also protect you from disease causing viruses and mosquitoes.