An Environmental protection study of heat-related deaths recorded that more than 5,400 Australians died from the heat between 1979 and 2013, a figure which doesn’t even entirely capture the gravity of the problem.

Air Conditioners circulate and filter air, discarding pollutants and cast from the air. Air Conditioners fabricate pleasant comfortable conditions which facilitate contentment at homes and offices during hot and humid weather conditions. Researchers have shown that comfortable working conditions improve human efficiency. In extreme conditions, using an air conditioner ensures the senior and vulnerable people are safer from heat-induced health issues.

Air conditioners are used in many commercial settings not just for comfort but also for decreasing heat stress on delicate machinery such as computers and reducing food impairments in grocery stores and restaurants.


Various issues can pop up with appliances, and an air conditioning system is not an exception to it. When faced with scorching heat and humidity, you would definitely want your air conditioning system to be functioning at its best, so you don’t have to chase your ac repair contractor while you struggle through sweating temperatures at home.

An air conditioners filters, coils, and fins demand regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively throughout.  Air conditioners need yearly maintenance to support uninterrupted performance. With proper maintenance, your air conditioning and heating equipment will work more economically and will also be more reliable for years. With certain simple and routine follow-ups, you can keep your unit at its best performance.


One of the easiest, least expensive and most favourable ways to keep your air conditioners swinging throughout the year is by changing or cleaning the filter and through regular air filter maintenance. Air conditioning filter maintenance improves the life of your air conditioning unit. A clogged and dirty filter blocks normal airflow and reduces the system's efficiency significantly. With a blocked airflow, air that bypasses the filter may carry dirt directly into the evaporator coil and destroy the coils heating capacity.

If you notice your energy bills skyrocketing, then changing your air conditioning filter is simply the first step.  Your home will smell better with less dust and even reduce allergens when you keep a clean air conditioner filter.

For many owners changing the filters seasonally may be a routine, but for peak benefits, the air filter should be cleaned or changed every once in three months.


The air conditioners evaporator coil and condenser coil tend to accumulate clogs and dust over time. A clean filter ensures a longer life of a coil. Nonetheless, over a period of time the coil will accumulate dust, which reduces its ability to absorb heat, hence the evaporator coils need to be checked and cleaned annually. It is also important to service the outdoor condenser coils by reducing the dirt and debris near the unit. The condenser coil is visible, so any dust or debris collected can be noticed. Cleaning the space around the coil, removing debris facilitate necessary airflow around the condenser.

The aluminium fins on the coils are fragile and bend easily blocking airflow through the coil. Air conditioning vendors offer fin combs to brush these fins back to their original places.


The number one reason for you to hire a technician for air conditioning repairs is quality. Presently A/Cs are very intricate, with extensive electronic systems and other components. It is a good idea to hire a qualified trained professional to undertake your air conditioning systems repair work. Engaging in repair work on your own may result in the further cost to cover more repairs. If you have a decent understanding of the crisis your air conditioner may initiate, it is easier to determine the kind of repairs and services the unit requires.

“When you hire a professional for repair work you are getting more than just a fix. A professional will accomplish a complete investigation of your HVAC system, other than addressing your areas of concerns he will also be able to spot other areas of concern that have not yet come to your notice. Failing or clogged parts, low refrigerant levels, dirty ducts, and many other issues may not be the direct reason for the present break down but they can all lead to problems down the line.”, advise, the professional duct & AC cleaners, “Whenever you need air conditioning repairs, maintenance or replacement, working with a trusted qualified professional will ensure quality services.”

At the interception of each cooling season, inspect the seal between the air conditioner and the window frame to make sure it makes contact with the unit’s metal case. Chances of moisture impairing the seal causing cool air to escape are high. It is also important to cover your room air conditioner in winter. Covering the outdoor unit of a central air conditioner will safeguard the unit from dust getting accumulated by wind and debris.

Air conditioners consume a large portion of the average monthly electricity bill and efficient maintenance can necessitate a significant difference. Many health risks that are associated with poor air quality can be minimized with proper installation and maintenance.