The upcoming trends of Air-conditioners

For the past five years, due to the increasing heat, air conditioners have become a necessity for us. As the technology keeps on advancing, air conditioners just keep getting better, and Daikin air conditioners are among the best

Air conditioners are a long-term investment. Are you looking to upgrade your old AC? You will be surprised to watch how far the technology has evolved. Here are the latest upcoming trends for air conditioners.

  1. Ductless Air Conditioning Units

Ductless ac units are ideal for the owners who have little and/or insufficient space. It is also known as a mini-split air conditioning system. The name itself suggests that they are unique providing a ductless option for homes.

The ductless air conditioning system contains units, which are located both indoor and outdoor. It pulls the air from the exterior, cools it down, and pushes its interior. That is how ductless air conditioning systems work.

In ductless air conditioning, for each room, there are units placed separately. Each unit can adjust the temperature according to both the environment, and people inside the room.

A mini split AC unit is connected outside, which provides the cooling effect. It only permits specific areas for cooling and heat, which means that you can save money as well as saving energy.

In the old air conditioning system, some cold air used to get lost as it moved through the ducts. Ductless will bring the air from the outside.

  1. Control The Temperature Through Smartphone

Most of the time, we operate the air conditioner through the remote and wall panels provided to us. You can now control the temperature of your unit through a smartphone.

All your appliances can be connected to a smartphone, and air conditioners are no exception. All you need is to have the right phone, and that will reduce as well as increase the temperature all at your fingertips.

You definitely do not need to be present in the same room if you wish to turn off the AC. Some smartphones allow you to control it outside. It might be possible that you are stuck at work and forget to switch off the AC. No worries. Grab your smartphone, turn off the unit, and save on electricity bills.

Another benefit is you can set the time when you wish to use the air conditioner, so that you can raise or lower the temperature at fixed timings.

  1. Air Purifying System

Today, it is very crucial that the indoor quality of air remain pure. Many can suffer from respiratory problems due to indoor air pollution. Lots of us spend time in the home, shopping centres, and other places, which might be air-conditioned. This proves that we do not get fresh air that often. Instead of buying a separate unit for purifying air, why not get an AC that will filter the air?

You heard it right! Air conditioners are also providing air purification technology inside it. This will help in diminishing dust particles, allergens, pollens, and other minute particles. The air through the AC unit will be pure, fresh, and also smelling good.

  1. Efficient Energy Saver

One of the essential trends among the air conditioners and the increasing demand of the consumers is to make the AC run efficiently whenever required. One tends to become cautious when the energy prices increase, which is happening right now in Australia.

The latest technology called new fluid cooling will allow air conditioners to be more flexible, less noisy, and provide cooling solutions. This will result in creating an impact not only on our bills but the environment as well.

  1. HVAC Systems

The term HVAC stands for the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and control. The integrated HVAC system is more beneficial to the businesses as it will help in saving money and also make the employees feel comfortable.

The new system will determine how many numbers of people are present in the room, which will help in save on energy. Moreover, based on this, the new HVAC system will regulate the power.

The popularity of integrated HVAC system is gaining in offices, hotels, retail stores, and other commercial offices.

  1. Upside Down Air Conditioning

We have heard about ducted air conditioning, but the new system is floor-mounted ducts. The moment you hear about air conditioning ducts your mind automatically starts staring at the ceiling.

Floor mounted ducts are for people who do not have a large ceiling to hold up the sizeable ducted system. Then they can always opt for this innovative way.

  1. Portable Air Conditioners

Not everyone can afford to have a centralised AC system. On top of that, if you live in a studio or small apartment, it does become tricky to live during hot days.

Therefore, a portable air conditioner becomes your saviour during the summer. Easy to install, super convenient, saves energy bills and affordable price – that makes portable air conditioners a great option.

The best thing about this AC is you can move it to anywhere in the room. Some portable air conditioner also provide a fixed heater in it.

The unbearable heat keeps on growing, which makes us buy air conditioners, which also increases the usage. There have been huge leaps in the air conditioning industry. We hope to see more in the coming years. But with new technology, you will be excited to see the changes in the field of air conditioning.

Every company out there aims at meeting the requirements of customers. By adopting these new technologies, we are able to fulfill these services. The upcoming trends of air conditioners have  something for everyone.