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Air Conditioning Installation Services In Mansfield, Brisbane

Your family deserves the best when it comes to air conditioning installation, and this is where Excel Air Conditioning can help. We can assist you in enhancing your living space in your Mansfield home by providing your family state of the art air conditioning.

Excel Air Conditioning started in 1990, and since this time, we've been committed to providing the best air conditioning installation services available. With our head office conveniently located in Mansfield, we know the local Mansfield area extremely well, and have been servicing this area since our inception.

Excel Air Conditioning is owned & operated by Alan Ambrosini. As a family man himself, Alan understands the importance of home comfort, and the role that air conditioning can play in keeping the entire family home comfortable at all times. Choosing the right ac supplier & installer for your Mansfield home is critical, and Excel’s know how is a sure way to keep your air conditioner installation cost down. Simply, air conditioning installation prices can blow out if you choose the wrong supplier, not to mention the service & repair costs, should you choose the wrong type of system for your living area.

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If you’re choosing a split system air conditioner installation, you need an expert that can point you in the right direction. For your Mansfield air conditioning project, you need a system that will be robust & reliable, especially for those times that you are entertaining the family. Think about the special times of the year when you have loved ones over, such as Christmas & Easter. What about the hot summers and cool winters that we face in Brisbane. You want to make sure that your air conditioning installation is going to be the best solution for your family and home life.

When your air conditioning is working well, you don’t even think twice about it, however when it stops working, the entire family is inconvenienced. And you will be cursing the day you chose the wrong air condition installation solution. Sitting around and sweating does not make a happy family. This is where Excel Air Conditioning can help.

For further information on how we can assist with your Mansfield air conditioning project, please contact us today.