Choose the Breezy Life….

Make the breezy choice for your Carindale air conditioning project. For larger homes, ducted air conditioning is sometimes the smart choice, and as many homes in Carindale are being renovated, and having extensions added, ducted is always a good option to consider. Split system air conditioners may also be useful depending on the circumstances, therefore, always check with the experts at Excel to find the right fit. Many people shy away from ducted, as they believe the ducted air conditioning installation cost will be enormous.  You might be surprised at the cost to install this, and we can definitely run through the numbers when we are quoting you.

Imagine the joy of spending time with your family at your Carindale residence, and being comfortable all year round due to a great performing air conditioning system. You should always feel comfortable in your home, and keeping the temperature inside just how you like it is paramount to comfort. And if you feel that your Carindale abode requires both heating and cooling, this is where a Daikin reverse cycle air conditioner can help.

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Queensland is known for its sprawling decks and outdoor living, however more entertaining is being done indoors, which is due to the rise of entrainment options such as Netflix & Foxtel. And we of course can’t forget about kids and their passion for gaming. A big part of indoor entertainment is keeping everyone comfortable. Whether it’s a small dinner event, through to a large kids party, keeping a natural & regulated air flow is critical.

If you're cold all the time you're not going to be happy, and the same goes with extreme heat. And this is where choosing the right air conditioning technology for your Carindale premises will give you peace of mind 24/7.

At Excel Air Conditioning, we have built up a strong reputation in suburbs like Carindale, in bringing state of the art ac technology to your home. And the reason why we choose Daikin as a brand is because of their level of expertise & support in the ac industry.

If you are interested in a reverse cycle air conditioning cost, contact Excel today. Our head office is located at Mansfield, just a stone’s throw from Carindale.