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At Excel Air Conditioning, established in 1990, we specialise in professional fixes & servicing of all air conditioning systems. Whether it’s a Daikin ac service, through to anther model, it pays to choose an expert for your Carindale service or repair.

There are a few reasons why choosing an expert is important. Because of our experience, we have the expertise to find the problem very quickly. Someone new in the industry may not understand the different models of air conditioning technology available in the market, which means they could be spending large amounts of time trying to isolate the problem that you're having with your air conditioning system.

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Because you live in Carindale, which is not far from our head office in Mansfield, we can arrive at your home extremely quickly, providing professional convenience around your air conditioning repair. That's going to make it more time and cost effective for you in the long run.

Our air conditioning repair technicians have done their time in the industry, and have built up a strong body of knowledge around the variety of different air conditioning systems for both residential and commercial environments.

Since 1990 we have built up a strong reputation in the Carindale area for bringing quality repair and maintenance services to the local Carindale market. And the fact that most of our clients come from word of mouth is testament to our quality of work, and transparency around costs.

This makes us a smart choice for your next Carindale air conditioning repair or service. Contact Excel today to book in your service.