At Excel Air Conditioning, we are committed to providing our Wishart clients with the best possible innovation & technology when it comes to air conditioning systems. This is why we choose Daikin.

Daikin has held a strong commitment to quality, service, and innovation since they began in 1924. It is this commitment that has allowed us to provide our Wishart clients with the best ac outcomes possible.

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Daikin continually - 

  • Creates new value for customers
  • Develops world-leading, energy-saving technology
  • Fosters an atmosphere of best practices, boldness and innovation
  • Thinks globally and acting locally

Our commitment to our Wishart clients means that we need to be able to place hand on heart and supply robust ac technology, that in our opinion, far surpasses any other air conditioners in the market. This should give our Wishart clients peace of mind in knowing that they are accessing technology that will work for them, and not against them.

Daikin’s technology meets the requirements that we face in Queensland with extreme hot & cold environments, where we need to be able to rely on our air conditioners to support the many seasons we face. If you haven’t considered a Daikin before, please talk to us today about your requirements, and experience the Daikin difference.