Mackenzie Air Conditioning Repairs & Service make a cool change.

Are you searching for a local air conditioning company to assist with your air con repairs & service?

At Excel Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on state of the art service & repairs. The reality is that no matter how good an ac system is, it is going to need a regular service, and subsequently a repair if it stays in your home long enough. Our Mansfield branch is located near you and we service the entire Mackenzie and Burbank area.

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Many people leave there air con system unmaintained, sometimes for 10 years +. This means that the system will not be working at optimum capacity, and leaves it vulnerable for larger repair type work. If you have invested in a beautiful suburb of Brisbane like Mackenzie, it just makes sense to protect your asset. And especially with the heat of Queensland, your ac system will be placed under much more pressure than other states.

An Air Conditioning Service should not be a Gamble

Your air conditioning service should not be a gamble. Being in the industry since 1990, and a respected supplier of ac systems to the local Mackenzie market, means that we take the risk away from your service. We guarantee every air conditioner repair or service that we undertake, providing our Mackenzie clients with the peace of mind that they are entitled to.

For more information on booking in your air conditioning repair or service, contact Excel Air Conditioning today.